Tonnage Measurements

Matt West Boat Surveyor at Marine Surveys UK is an approved YDSA Tonnage measurer and approved IIMS tonnage measurer. We are approved by IIMS and YDSA for the MCA to measure vessels up to 24m in length for the purpose of Part 1 British registration. We are also approved by IIMS for tonnage measurement up to 24m and have attended the IIMS MCA approved tonnage measurement training day. 

Contact us directly for your Tonnage Measurement required for British Part 1 registration. This can be UK registry of shipping and seamen Cardiff, The Isle of Man Registry, Channel Islands, Red Ensign Group countries – Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Gibraltar,

Certificate Fees vary by CA but approximate price is 

Vessels in UK waters:- up to 15m £200, over 15m and under 24m £250
Vessels outside UK waters: up to 15m £250, over 15m and under 24m £300

Vessels registered under Guernsey registration only available up to 13.7m

Vessels registered through overseas registries £300

Travel is charged extra

Please click for a quote, fill out the details including a phone number and we will send you the application form to complete.





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