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POWERBOAT SURVEYOR – Our scope of work

Whether this is your first yacht or 5th we will follow the proven BMSE logical method using common professional practice and where available published guidelines or codes, such as those published by the International Institute of Marine Surveying and YDSA and report in plain English our findings and help you as much as you need us. The report will be tailored to you, the individual purchaser so you get the best report for you and ultimately you get the right vessel for use.

The Surveyors role is to work FOR YOU, to look over all aspects of the vessel and report back to you, what the boat is really like, and what, if anything needs doing to it and if requested give you our view of the valuation. All this is done in plain English. We have been technically involved in the boating industry  since 1985 having worked on many yachts and we now have completed surveys on many different type and size of motor boats. We also code Motorboats for commercial work. We know the problems the vessels can have and where to look for them. The report can be used by you to discuss price with the broker, raise finance and get insurance. We check and TEST everything on the boat that we can physically get to and then we report back to you in plain English.

The engines and systems are thoroughly visually checked and switch tested only, and we will report on what we can see and hear at the time, they are not dismantled in any way and internal condition or performance is not part of the survey. We advise you engage a specialist marine engineer at some stage in the purchase process to give a full report on the engines and drives.

We can  facilitate oil samples using Theoillab equipment for a fee.

We can accompany during the sea trial and report on this.

Information is reported in the Sections below, followed by recommendations and conclusions.

On Deck

  • Main Companionway and other Accesses to Accommodation
  • Ports Windows etc.
  • Pulpit, Stanchions, Pushpit, Lifelines and Jackstays
  • Ground Tackle and Mooring Arrangements
  • Other Deck Gear and Fittings
  • Davits and Boarding Ladders

Accommodation and On Board Systems

  • Accommodation General
  • Gas Installation
  • Fresh Water Tanks and Delivery
  • Heads
  • Electrical Installation
  • Electronic and Navigation Equipment
  • Heating & Refrigeration


  • Navigation Lights
  • Bilge Pumping Arrangements
  • Fire fighting Equipment
  • Lifesaving and Emergency Equipment

Hull, Deck and Structure

  • Details of Subject Vessel, (General Description, Dimensions, Registration etc.)
  • Keel if applicable
  • Hull below Waterline
  • Topsides above Waterline including Rubbing Strake etc.
  • Deck Moulding / Coach Roof
  • Cockpit
  • Hull/Deck Joint
  • Bulkheads and Structural Stiffening including Internal Mouldings

Steering, Stern Gear, and Skin Fittings etc.

  • Rudder and Steering
  • Stern Gear
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Skin Fittings and other through Hull Apertures


  • Engine and Installation
  • Fuel System
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