Boat LPG Installations

Commercial UK vessels are subject to MCA coding regarding LPG and Inland Waterways vessels are subject to the Boat Safety Scheme. Vessels built after June 1998 are subject when new to be built to the RCD, however once they become second Hand, they do not.

Irrespective of the above ALL gas systems are subject to the checks listed below as part of our surveys. Recommendations will be made where there is an obvious serious safety issue and these must be carried out before use. Suggestions will also be made where appropriate to enhance safety criteria, particularly with systems where there is no mandatory requirement to conform to a standard. It must be understood however that some Insurance companies require a declaration from the assured that the gas system conforms to current standards and if that is the case here upgrading may be required as a condition of the insurance policy.

Boat LPG InstallationsSources of further information: Even if your boat is not required to comply with this standard it contains much sensible advice and the manual can be downloaded.

Gas Observation

  • Condition and efficiency of self draining bottle storage.
  • Age and condition of flexible hose.
  • Age and condition of regulator.
  • Condition of copper pipe where accessible.Boat LPG Installations
  • Is pipework adequately supported and not under stress where accessible?
  • Are all appliances fitted with flame failure devices on all burners, and did these work properly under test?
  • Are any appliances requiring flues properly fitted with same?
  • Is a gas alarm fitted?
  • Is each appliance fitted with an isolating tap?
  • If fitted did leak bubble tester function?

Please note the survey is not a gas safety certificate, that is only obtainable after comprehensive pressure testing and assessment by a qualified person listed on the Gas safe register (formally CORGI)

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