Survey Limitations

However thorough the marine surveyors are, there are certain limitations to every survey. Do discuss with us as we are very flexible and can normally accommodate what ever you want. If you want a full inventory check or mast down survey, or engine detail surveys please ask.  Our standard survey limitations are generally:

  1. With rigging often the mast is stepped thus the rigging is visually inspected from the deck, therefore we cannot comment on the upper sections.
  2. Sails are  inspected in situ by scraping stitching and visual condition of the cloth, for further assessment, the sails need to be set and then removed and inspected in a loft or similar clean flat location. We will hoist them if the wind conditions and boat location allow.
  3. Windows and hatches are not tested for water tightness or potential ingress but we look for tell tell signs.
  4. All water tanks, plumbing, heads, skin fittings, sea cocks etc. are visually examined in situ as are the fuel tanks and fuel system. General equipment commented on is visually examined.
  5. No fastenings are removed for examination and no dismantling to gain access other than normally removable panels is carried out. Woodwork or other parts of the vessel which were covered, unexposed or inaccessible have not been inspected; therefore we cannot report that these areas are free from defect.
  6. The inspection of the gas system is limited to a visual external inspection without dismantling or pressure testing. We do light the systems if we can. No “work” as defined by the Gas Safety Regulations 1994 was carried out.
  7. Our surveys do not address the vessel stability, performance or overall design as this will have been covered by other regulations.
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