Pre-Purchase Marine Survey

Are you thinking of buying your first boat, or you have done this before? Whichever Matt West follow the proven BMSE surveyor methods, using common professional practice and where available published guidelines or codes, such as those published by the International Institute of Marine Surveying and YDSA and then report in plain English.

Buying your first boat is usually a significant purchase and slightly daunting. Buying any boat, can be a significant investment.

Matt West’s role as a Marine Surveyor is to look over all aspects of the boat and report on its condition, systems and what needs doing.

Our reports are in plain English and are often used to discuss prices with the broker, raise finance and obtain insurance.

You already know how important a comprehensive and thorough survey is.

From us you will get our “plain English” approach with feedback on your potential purchase.

Unfortunately, since Covid 19 we can no longer suggest you accompany us on the survey day. You are welcome to pop along towards the end or if you want to see the boat lifted but we cannot have you on the boat with us unless the boat is over 60′ as social distancing is difficult to maintain. 

Rest assured our surveys are fair, realistic, pragmatic and explain to the potential purchaser all our findings.

We never scaremonger, we simply seek to provide a fair survey, that assists the purchaser and the broker, and ensures the purchaser buys with his eyes open.

We work with yourself and with brokers to suit required timescales and reporting requirements.


  1. All our reports are tailored to the purchasers to ensure they get exactly what they need.
  2. We cover Sailing yachts, motorboats, RIB and small craft under 200GT.
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