Should I use a marine surveyor?

marine surveyor Should you use a Marine Surveyor? The answer is a resounding YES. Look what they can find for you. Gallery of issues

In the first instance most insurance companies and banks will require a survey especially on older vessels. They wish to understand the condition and ascertain whether the yacht/boat is a good risk or whether the bank is prepared to lend money on the yacht.

The more pragmatic reason is that knowing the condition of your yacht prior to offer and consequent purchase often saves you money.

If you buy without engaging a Professional Marine Surveyor:

  • You may find at a later date a serious issue that would have been picked up.
  • You lose an opportunity to negotiate a final sales price on a used boat.
  • You may be unable to obtain finance or insurance until a survey is submitted.
  • You may be out of pocket when your finance/insurance company requires remedial work to the vessel.

However over and above the commercial reasons, the most important reason to survey your vessel is your crew safety.

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