Issues found on boats gallery

 bath pump out skin fitting corroded

Bronze skin fitting corroded free on steel narrow boat.

old holding tank corroded

Corroded wooden sole boards and obsolete corroded black water tank on steel narrow boat

distortion of topsides

Distortion of topsides plate steel narrow boat

P bracket corrosion

P Bracket Pink from galvanic action , the pink is the copper after zinc has been removed by the action. surface soft


Broken blister in laminate under gel coat on river boat


Blisters under gel coat and wicking

corrosion on tiller arms

Corrosion on motorboat tiller arms.

toilet inlet

Corrosion on seawater intake

Anode stud corrosion

Corrosion on anode studs in boat ready to fall out

 toilet inlet aft

Time to change seacock ball valve and fittings

anchor chain

Anchor chain corroded together

2 Blisters

Blisters in gel

This page is under construction and we will upload pictures of faults found on surveys when we can and label all. In the meantime feel free to browse.  22 corrosion fuel pipe fix