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Matt West is Accredited member of YDSA – The Yacht Designers & Surveyors Association (YDSA) is the UK’s professional association for surveyors and designers and is a world-renowned organisation for marine expertise. Our Qualified Experienced Professionals have been setting the standards in the designing and surveying of yachts since 1912 and the YDSA’s worldwide network of independent specialists can be relied upon for their technical authority and professional integrity.

Matt West is Full member of IIMS – The International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS) is an independent, non-political organisation promoting the professionalism, recognition and training of marine surveyors worldwide. The IIMS defines marine surveying as: “The service provided to maritime and transport organisations in general and the production of guidance reports for all other bodies connected with maritime operations or maritime trade”.

Matt West is Full member of BMSE – British Marine Surveyors – We are a network of trained and experienced yacht and small craft surveyors operating to the highest standards in the industry to provide skilled yacht surveying services to boat owners, purchasers, insurers, finance companies and lawyers. We communicate on a forum daily discussing new technology, emerging trends, new repair methods and industry issues as well as individual vessel’s defects. 

Both Matt West and his wife Niki West are RYA Members and members of Federation of small businesses. Both of whom provide regular industry news letters and events. 

All boat surveyors should under take Continual Professional Development and are required to by BMSE,  IIMS and YDSA to maintain their status which Matt West Boat Surveyor does

Some of the courses and CPD attended are:

March 2020 – IIMS How to conduct a complete mast and rigging survey

March 2020 – IIMS MCA approved tonnage training practical one day course. 

September 2019 – IIMS Certifying Authority Training Day

September 2019 – YDSA Certifying Authority Training Day

July 2019 – YDSA Risk assessment module 

May 2019 – IIMS Coding authority training day 

October 2018 – IIMS Large Yacht & Small Craft work Group 

October 2018 – YDSA Corrosion Training day 

May 2018 – IIMS Coding authority training day 

March 2017 – Workboat training YDSA / SCMESS

October 2016 – IIMS Large Yacht & Small Craft work Group 

May 2016 – IIMS Large Yacht & Small Craft work Group Training 

May 2016 – Introductions to Yacht Coatings YDSA – International Paints

November 2015 – RNLI/ YDSA Joint training Day

November 2013 – IIMS Training Day – Electrical systems

November 2013 – The YDSA Training day – Corrosion and corrosion protection run by IIMS surveyor

Oct 2013 – MECAL MLC and Brown code review

Sept 2012 – The YDSA CA update and practical inclination testing – 1 day

March  2012 – The YDSA – Conference – various surveying updates

Feb 2012 – The YDSA Accredited upgrade exam – Passed – and accredited

March 2011 –  The YDSA  in the modern world – series of 1 hour knowledge tables covering rigging, bio fuels, electrical, coatings.

The YDSA in the modern world

Feb 2012 –  The YDSA Understanding LPG gas systems – 1 day course on small boat gas systems

The YDSA Understanding LPG gas systems

July 2010 –  The YDSA wooden Boats 1 day course.

Subscriber and reader of Boatbuilder – Monthly publication, Active forum member of BMSE closed surveyors knowledge, Attends London and Southampton Boat show annually, Regular research of FRP structure, Electrical systems, electrolysis, rigging through internet and collection of books.

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