When buying a RIB it is important to get a thorough RIB survey carried out. RIBS  generally get used more than many other boats and can suffer stress cracks, dodgy tube repairs and engine faults amongst other things.

RIB 8.4m

8.4m Redbay RIB


Predator 599 RIB
Stress cracks

Stress on transom


Corrosion on fuel unit hidden from view



We carry out a comprehensive check and test all items of the boat for you. This is reported in the following sections


1. Details of Subject Vessel, (General Description, Dimensions, Registration etc.).2. Hull3. Deck / Cockpit moulding4. Transom5. Inflatable collar6. Cathodic Protection7. Steering system8. Ground Tackle and Mooring Arrangements.9. Thru hull fittings10. Deck Gear and Fittings inc consoles and grab rails11. Navigation Lights.12. Bilge Pumping Arrangements.

13. Fire fighting Equipment.

14. Lifesaving and Emergency Equipment.

15. Engine and Installation.

16. Fuel System.

17. Electrical Installation.

18. Electronic and Navigation Equipment.

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