Can we survey boats due to Covid 19 in UK?

Update 11th May 2020

Currently we are allowed by most boat yards and marinas to survey yachts if they are ashore already.

Some boat yards are now operating their hoists, travel lifts and cranes on demand for “commercial” work. A boat survey is commercial work. So, if you are buying a boat and want a survey, we should be able to do this for you. We will need to discuss with brokers and marinas on each individual case.

If you want a survey for Insurance purposes whether a renewal or damage survey, again we should be able to do this subject to talking to marinas and those involved.

Covid 19 social distancing requirements for our safety and yours, mean that we need to work alone and maintain 2m distance from other workers. We have and will provide our risk assessments to the boat yards along with our public liability insurance to the boat yards as required.

The measures mean that unfortunately our customer cannot attend at the same time as us.

Please email me, if we can assist.






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