Boat Damage

Boat damage happens to the best of us, whether professional or private skippers, owners or crew. It might be caused by a collision between vessels or a stationary object or it might be from lack of maintenance or vandalism. Our Boat Surveyor is usually requested by the insurance underwriter to assess the extent and cost of the damage and repairs.

The Boat Surveyor liaises with the client, boat yards or repairers and transportation specialists and will carry out a thorough and impartial examination.

As part of the examination the surveyor looks at the:

  • Condition of the vessel
  • Probable cause of the damage
  • Recommended repairs
  • Estimate of the cost of such repairs

The surveyor may also provide a view of apportionment of liability and prospect of recovery. This information can be used in the event of a dispute. Every effort should be made to minimise further damage or deterioration of the vessel following the incident. Machinery should be protected internally from further corrosion after immersion. Electrical or electronic accessories should be removed or salvaged where this is feasible.

A typical yacht damage survey report will include the following:

  • Background to the incident and the claim
  • Verification of the construction, principle dimensions and method of propulsion
  • Detailed survey and findings including comments on the damage
  • Additional information including any other parties that were present
  • Summary, conclusion and recommendations as to a course of action
  • Applicable limitations, photo log and supporting documentation, including repair estimates
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