MECAL Certificate Fees for Marine Surveyors

MECAL Marine Surveyor Certificate Fees (From 1st March 2012)

The fees listed here are certification fees. Please note that survey fees are additional & vary according to location, complexity & condition of the vessel & to the degree of preparation of the vessel for the survey. The fees listed here are certification fees.


Vessels < 15m ,not requiring Annual Survey Vessels 15m + over or those requiring an Annual Survey & Pilot Boats
Issue of Certificate – initial & 5-year renewal 150 180
Annual Retention Fee 78 150
Amendment & re-issue of Certificate 78 78
Supplement for Owners/Managing Agents based abroad (applied to the above fees for single vessels – reduced for groups) 30 30
Issue of Cert of Survey for Tonnage (<24M) 120 120
Issue of Cert of Survey for Tonnage (>24M) 250
Tonnage Calculation Fees >24M (from supplied lines/GA drgs) 750
Stability Information Book Approval (intact stability) 375
Stability Information Book Approval (extra for damage stability) 175


VAT can be treated as zero rated or exempt (as applicable) for fees associated with statutory surveys/certification carried out directly by MECAL Amendment = re-issue of certificate arising from change of code or vessel details, change of owner, change of address, change of vessels name, or transfer from other Certifying Authority. No additional charge is made if such changes occur at the annual certification date.


  1. MECAL aims to be competitive by efficient and professional management from our fully staffed office in Plymouth.
  2. Small fleets of Cat.6 vessels may be certificated as a single operation under one certificate. Fees will be negotiated, depending on the complexity of the operation.
  3. Change of owner of a MECAL coded vessel will incur a certificate fee as shown above for Certificate Amendment. The vessel will require an examination by an authorized examiner under the scope of a reduced annual examination. Survey fees for such examination are charged extra according to vessel complexity, location & the degree of preparation.
  4. Transfer of a vessel to MECAL from another Certifying Authority will incur a fee as in 3 above, for re-issue of the certificate. The vessel will not normally be subject to overdue examinations or outstanding issues under the previous Certifying Authority examination by an authorized examiner provided that there are no ?
  5. Survey fees for all surveys carried out by MECAL are based on time & are therefore set according to the complexity of the vessel, location & the degree of preparation. Owners are encouraged to keep such fees to a minimum by careful preparation of the vessel for survey using the vessel SCV2 as a guide or, in the case of a vessel newly coming into code, by the issue of detailed code specifications & free advice from our technical department. The technical specifications are available to all clients on request.
  6. Vessels requiring annual surveys are those that fit into 1 or more of the following categories:
    Operating in Area Categories 0 or 1
    Carrying 16 or more persons
    Carrying more than 1000kg of cargo
    Fitted with crane
    Workboat with Pilot Boat Endorsement
    Certain other vessels deemed by MECAL to carry additional risk (e.g. certain categories of old wooden vessels & vessels of high complexity & where recommended by surveyor)
  7. Stability book approval for all vessels is carried out by MECAL Technical Department. The quoted fees assume that the books are presented in the required format. If this is not the case, any resulting additional time spent in carrying out the approval will result in additional fees being charged according to the time spent.
  8. Occasional surveys carried out directly by MECAL following damage, detention, modification or otherwise as deemed necessary to verify the condition of a vessel, will be charged at the MECAL current rate (please contact the office for advice on this) . These charges will vary for vessels located abroad.
  9. When the process of certification does not proceed, MECAL’s policy is to normally refund the certificate fee but we reserve the right to retain an amount commensurate with any work that may have been performed by MECAL admin or technical staff.
  10. Non payment of survey or certificate fees will prevent issue of the certificate and/or annual licence disc. It is illegal to operate commercially without these being on board.
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